Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Align with Source Workshop


Our next Align with Source Workshop will take place on July 24th at 10:30am, see below for more info. 

We look forward to having you join us for our Saturday Morning Meeting of 'Align with Source - Unity Comes from ONENESS'. A world immersed in separation seeks to create a unified world. Oneness cannot be attained by further methods of Separation. Oneness can only occur when our Consciousness can only see ONE. The separations we are experiencing in race, religion, economics, politics, gender, home front are merely some expressions of our core attachment to separation. By boldly addressing the Separation within each one of us, and acknowledging where we are in our evolution, we can bridge these gaps and create a respectful, harmonious world. Becoming a conscious participant enables huge growth, understanding and peace, allowing you to step out of the clutches of past events and patterns. Welcome, assimilate and integrate it into your consciousness. Be the Light you are! Amidst all the chaos, you dear friend, are the heart of love and peace that will lift our world to a beautiful place. 2021 is taking us every moment, to experience what we could never before have imagined, urging us to embrace the One of our Highest Self and thus the ALL. Be guided by your Heart and then fear not. There is huge cosmic support to help us through this phenomenal period. You are one of our world's great Souls who chose to assist Earth & Humanity in the ascension to the 5th Dimension. This brings great growth, wisdom & rewards. You are to be commended for being here. Begin creating now! 
Our weekly spiritual meetings are each unique & offer a special place where you will find many answers that help unlock hidden truths & your direction. Each meeting closes with a meditation. Sharing during meetings is strongly encouraged and so on occasion we might extend slightly over the 12 noon time set. We request your understanding in this. Our meetings are open to all, by invitation, so do feel free to invite your friends, if you wish. Forward this to others, or email me with their email ID to request an invitation.
We deeply appreciate your continued support, and thank you for your energy exchange at Venmo@Annaita-Gandhy or PayPal.me/AnnaitaGandhy which makes it possible for us to continue to serve you. To connect with us, please click the zoom link below. In consideration of other participants we request you to please put your video and mic off if and when you are moving around. Thank you!
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Meeting ID: 827 7273 1523
Passcode: 393290

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