Saturday, March 17, 2018

Wethersfield Republican Announces Campaign For One of City's State Senate Seats

From Prep Baseball Report
From Tyler Flanigan,
Early yesterday, Republican Tyler Flanigan announced his candidacy for Sen. Paul Doyle’s seat in the 9th district, which includes half of our city.

Flanigan is currently a Political Science student at the University of Connecticut, with intentions of completing the accelerated law program, while minoring in Public Policy.

While only 19 years old, Flanigan is a political veteran. Tyler got involved at the age of 14, volunteering for Republicans across New England.

A former Division One baseball product, Tyler balanced being one of the top athletes in the region while working for legislators across the state, region, and country. Tyler got his breakthrough at the age of 16. That year, while working with the Massachusetts Republican Party and Rep. David Vieira, Flanigan prepared recommendations regarding the opioid epidemic for the state’s health curriculum framework. The findings were submitted to Governor Baker. Word quickly spread of Flanigan’s abilities, and later that month, he consulted Sen. John Reagan of New Hampshire, a member of the state’s newly formed task force against the abuse of opioids. Since then, Tyler has branched out, assuming different roles in different regions.
From campaign web site

A writer for a State Rep. in Oklahoma, a real estate policy analyst for a State Senator in Idaho, a social media consultant for a Senator in North Dakota, and a legislative aide in Rhode Island, Tyler took on all challenges and approached them with innovative new ideas and an open mind. Back at home in Connecticut, he worked on three federal campaigns, all while maintaining his status as a contributing writer for Democracy Chronicles, an online political publication based out of New York City. In recent months, Flanigan gave his go at campaign finance for federal candidates throughout the country who are preparing for the midterm elections.

Tyler comes from a long line of dedicated Connecticut servants. His 2nd Great Grandfather, James E. Flanigan, was an orator for the East Hartford Democrats. His Great Grandfather, James J. Flanigan, was also an orator for the East Hartford Democrats. His grandfather, Robert J. Flanigan, was a well-known Republican writer in Wethersfield. His great uncle, James J. Flanigan, was a 14-year political veteran, known for his work in educational policy. His third great uncle, Capt. Thomas F. Flanigan, was a prominent member of the Hartford Democratic Party. On both sides of the aisle, the Flanigan family has served their communities at the local level.

“I’m ecstatic with the level of energy in the 9th district. I guarantee no candidate will have more energy, more tenacity, and more fire then I will in the coming months. I have devoted my adolescent and adult years to serving constituents. That part of me will never change. I look forward to fighting for hard working families in Hartford and providing a voice for those who haven’t been heard. This is our time,” Flanigan said early Thursday morning.

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