Thursday, October 13, 2016

Opinion: Vote for Serra, Lesser, Doyle and Bartolomeo

The following is an opinion piece submitted by Thomas Serra, Common Council Majority Leader. The Eye would be pleased to publish opinion pieces on any Middletown-related issue ( 
I’d like to take this opportunity to make the citizens of Middletown aware of some of the accomplishments of Middletown Delegation to the State General Assembly (Rep. Joe Serra, Rep. Matt Lesser, Sen. Paul Doyle & Sen. Danté Bartolomeo over the past two years. In my purview as a former Mayor & current Council Majority Leader, they have worked extremely well together in these trying economic times for the continued betterment of the quality of life in the City of Middletown.

  • Rep. Lesser worked to eliminate veteran homelessness and promoted State funding for youth programs including Oddfellows Playhouse.
  • Sen. Bartolomeo worked with us to secure state funds for our Senior Center Renovations and helped secure educational funding.
  • Sen. Doyle, as Chair of the Energy & Tech Committee, secured legislation to keep energy costs down by banning variable rate residential electricity contracts and helped coordinate Middletown’s to become an Innovation Place City to obtain special State aid to facilitate the creating of innovative job neighborhoods thus facilitating new job growth.
  • Rep. Serra, as Chair of the Senior Affairs Committee has continue to secure State funds for our Senior Citizens programs as well as keeping State funds constant for our Town Aid for Roads and our Local Capital Improvement Programs (LOCIP).

But most importantly, through the strong efforts and advocacy of Rep. Serra and Sen. Doyle secured by moving forward a 3.125 million dollar state reimbursement payment due for the new Middletown High School building project into the City’s General Fund. This was done with the support of Rep. Lesser and Sen. Bartolomeo.

The affect of the City of Middletown receiving the 3.125 million in State Aid due to us sooner, allowed us to have a much lower mill rate than what was so drearily anticipated.

In conclusion, the Middletown State Delegation of Rep. Serra, Sen. Doyle, Rep. Lesser & Sen. Bartolomeo have represented the City of Middletown extremely well especially in securing State funds and programs due to us that are necessary for us to be continuously solvent in our approach to delivering efficient and effective city services.

On November 8th, Vote for Rep. Joe Serra, Sen. Paul Doyle, Rep. Matt Lesser and Sen. Dante’ Bartolomeo so they may continue to represent Middletown and partner with us as a City Government to serve the citizens of Middletown effectively and efficiently.

Thomas J. Serra
Present Middletown Council Majority Leader
Former Middletown Mayor

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