Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Buttonwood Hosts Neville Brothers' Offspring for Concert This Friday

North End Arts Rising, Inc / The Buttonwood Tree is proud to present Khalif Neville in a solo piano concert this coming Friday night, October 7, 2016 @ 8 pm. Seats are $12. Reservations online at http://buttonwood.org/event/khalif-neville/ or call 860.347.4957 for more info.

Khalif Neville, son of famed New Orleans Jazz musician Charles Neville, has come into his musical own. With his newest release ‘Discerning the Transmudance’, he throws a new twist on some classics, and he and his father highlighted their compositional skills with originals such as Cubano and Kiko. 
Studying with his father from a young age, Khalif has always had an appreciation for Jazz, particularly BeBop. Some of his favorite pianists include: Thelonious Monk, Oscar Peterson, Red Garland, Eroll Garner and many more. He has played with his father for some time now, and has also played with New England greats such as: Avery Sharpe, Samira Evans, Jeff Pitchell and a number of others on occasion. His personal musical endeavors are far and wide, but he has a deep rooted love for Jazz, particularly solo Jazz piano.
One of the highlights of Khalif Neville’s career is the chance to collaborate and play with his family members in New Orleans. This past New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival he had the chance to play with his sister Charmaine Neville, and the year before that he had the chance to sit in with his whole family at the Neville’s Forever concert at the Seanger Theatre. Khalif, in spite of playing relatively old music, considers originality a key of being a musician and hopes to pay homage to all of the masters of the art while still fueling its evolution.
Hear music from Khalif’s website: http://www.khalifnevillejazz.com/

This is a "Don't whine, do wine"  event! For your complimentary beverage, just say this phrase to Dr. Mike, our refreshments manager.  The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts & Cultural Center is located at 605 Main St, next to It's Only Natural market. After 6 pm there is free parking on Main Street and behind the market.  Reserve your seat here

Laughter Yoga - Tuesday, Oct 4, 6:30 pm  $5.

Bob Gotta's Acoustic Open Mic   7-9 pm  $5.
Art on Display for the North End's Gallery Walk - Photographs by Nicole Kelly

Aligned with Source Interactive Workshop and Meditation 
Topic this week: Being     10:30am - noon  $5.

Dave Kopperman
with musical guests: 
Noah Baerman,
Amanda Monaco
(NYC jazz guitarist, Berklee instructor), Andrey Henkin (bass), and Edz O’Leary (drums)

Dave Kopperman’s (rock/folk/singer-songwriter) eclectic music at once evokes the folksy harmonies of the Byrds, the tuneful songwriting of Paul McCartney, the literate yet emotive lyrics of Paul Simon, the ambient, progressive textures of Pink Floyd and the no-nonsense rocking of Talking Heads. A jack-of-all-trades as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Dave is also a skilled visual artist and devotee of the graphic novel form. He is a native of Rockland County, New York.

This show will be two sets, mostly originals with a handful of covers, a bit jazzier and janglier than its prior incarnation.  Seats are only $10. Reservations are suggested.Saturday, Oct 8, 8 pm

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