Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Governor Proposes New Middletown Area Bridge

Governor Malloy, as part of his budget presentation, included a proposal called, "Transforming Transportation - Let's Go CT." It suggests two significant changes to roads in our city.

The proposal followed a call in 2013 for citizen input (Eye article). These new proposals do not appear to be connected to the plans for a modest change to the Route 17 on-ramp to Route 9 at Harbor Park (Eye article).

The new proposals, though quite dramatic, have not received much press coverage, or any comments of support or opposition from local elected officials.

The governor calls for reconfiguration of the interchanges of Route 9/Route 66 and Route 9/Route 17, at a price of $390 million:
Reconfigure interchanges with Route 9 and Route 17 and 66 in Middletown to incorporate direct connections between the Arrigoni Bridge and Route 9, eliminating the existing at-grade signalized intersection on Route 9, which is currently the cause of significant congestion and a number of major accidents. These improvements will enhance operational safety and provide enhanced air quality resulting from the removal of the signalized intersections.
He also calls for a new bridge to cross the Connecticut River in our area, this has a guesstimated price tag of $2 billion:
In addition to the Arrigoni bridge, a new major bridge will be built over the Connecticut River in the Middletown area to alleviate congestion. This option will require a considerable amount of new road construction, including a new interchange at Route 9, reconfiguration of the existing interchanges on Route 9 in Middletown, and construction of connecting roads on the Portland side, and major right-ofway purchases. 
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Anonymous said...

Here's an idea.
MAYBE we actually could use some vision and ideas for new upgraded roads and bridges in M'town.

You see, some of us who travel America, and see strong growth and economies in other places, appreciate what decent upgraded infrastructure does.

Some of us are sick of the forty year NIMBYism that means we sit in traffic too much, that thinks another bridge over the CT River wouldn't be a bad thing.

Nothing here that Malloy outlines is at all 'radical'. It's actually rational, and accepts that we've done zero to upgrade these roads for decades.

Of course, the naysayers will eventually come out, as the do like clockwork when something decent is proposed. However, this time we need to do something else other than let people more interested in 'quaint character' steer the agenda. The rest of us lived with the result of that backward provincialism for too long. If they want perpetual quaint, head to Maine or Montana. We're a city, and we have to accept that fact.

Anonymous said...

Its nothing new either both ideas have been around for years.