Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Opinion: A Poem to the Mayor and Middletown Common Council, Regarding the BOE Budget

It's been a while since I have had the urge to post anything, but after last night's clear showing of public support for Dr. Charles and the BOE requested budget.... I'm back.  There are a lot of smoke and mirrors regarding the budget.  A lot of number crunching and he said she said. I work with numbers all day every day, and you learn that you can get the numbers to say whatever you want them to, the results mostly depend on the amount of ethics you want to apply to your theories.  I am by no means stating the the Council is being unethical, but I am implying that there is "more than one way to skin a cat".

Under the principal that Good Enough is Neither (see below) I put forth this challenge to the Mayor and the Council. Don't fall peril to partisan politics. There is no reason why, at the local level, you need to behave like your colleagues at the State and Federal level.  In a city where there are such staunch opinions from the left and the right, you need to find a way to shake hands in the middle or you will lose us.  You will be added to the pile of politicians that most of us have gotten to the point of having absolutely no patience for.  

I will speak for myself, a registered republican with an independent mind.  You support the 5.92% increase for the Board of Education, PUBLICLY, and I will support you PUBLICLY, regardless of the party affiliation.  Political suicide? Or maybe political champion!  (If you can find a way to do it with reallocation of funds rather than raising my taxes.... HERO!!!)

I leave you with the same poem I read last night by Cyndy Caravelis.  Really read it, and search out it's meaning.

Good Enough Is Neither

All too often good enough is where all weak hearts stop,
It keeps the very best in each from coming to the top.
Enough implies just getting by and good falls short of best,
So good enough is average stuff and seldom meets the test.

The ones who shine and seem to find success are those who dare,
To charge right past old good enough and show the world they care.
Never being satisfied with just an average plan,
They work and think and push themselves to do the best they can.

Remember that the choice is yours and you alone choose either,
But those who shine are those who know that good enough is neither.

Brian Kaskel 
Concerned Parent of School Age Children


Conshr said...

I am in agreement with you, each of us has to go to work everyday and deal with people. What makes the council think they have the right not to deal with someone because of party affiliation. I'm sick of our State and Federal dollars being tied up because of a political difference. Isn't it about the people for the people? Why did this change, I am a registered Republican who has voted for the best candidate, sometimes Republican, sometimes not. I do my research and choose what is best for our City.

BrianK said...
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BrianK said...

@Conshr: Thanks! Glad it makes sense to someone else too... what a relief.

Anonymous said...

If $2 million in savings materialize after BOE approves its initial budget it is intellectually dishonest to not pass the savings on to taxpayers by reducing budget by same amount.

Anne-Marie Cannata said...

Right On! Love the poem :)