Friday, August 9, 2013

Transform CT

On June 25th, Governor Malloy and DOT Commissioner announced Transform
CT, an 18-month outreach campaign that will culminate in the development of
a strategic transportation plan for the state. Residents and stakeholders
will play a key role in the development of the plan.

As of today the Transform CT website has received over 8700 ideas.
Please log on to the website,, and express you views.
It is extremely important that decision makers are aware of your support for
increased and improved bus transit in Connecticut. Include the importance
of bus transit to get to work, school, medical appointments and shopping.
Also note the importance of timely bus/rail connections, express bus service
and dial-a-ride programs.

Two topics posted on the website today are: "What transportation
investments should we make today that our children and grandchildren will
thank us for tomorrow?" and "What transportation systems or elements of
transportation systems do you admire in other parts of the country that
Connecticut could learn from to improve our quality of life?" Bus transit
needs to be up there along with roads and rail. Bus transit is the backbone
of Connecticut's transportation system and improving bus transit will
improve the quality of lives for all residents of the state.

Please add the importance of adequately funding bus transit, the need
for the state to use transportation funds for transportation projects only
and to invest wisely in transit projects that will generate economic
benefits, reduce congestion, help improve the environment, and provide much
needed transportation options.

Please log on to Transform CT today!

Thank you for your support.

Karen Burnaska, Coordinator

Transit for Connecticut

(203) 261-9243

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