Monday, April 20, 2015

Mayor Announces Forest Management Program

On April 22, 2015 at 3:00 PM Mayor Daniel T. Drew will announce two exciting initiatives
related to environmental stewardship and land use in the City of Middletown.  The first is a collaboration with the University of Connecticut Extension Forestry Program to design
a Forest Management Demonstration Project at the Wilcox Open Space property, a
146-acre, forested parcel located in western Middletown. The program, to be run by
UConn’s well-respected professor and certified forester, Mr. Tom Worthley along with
staff from the City’s Planning, Conservation and Development Department.

 The project will involve the evaluation, select harvesting, and distribution of forest products
 such as wood chips and saw logs to Middletown’s Vo-Ag Technical program as well as the
 City’s public works department.  The goal of the program is to provide a framework and
reference point for future management activities on open space land.  The pilot project
will also offer educational workshops for Middletown High School students and
community members on forest management planning, small-scale harvesting, and
chainsaw safety.

In addition, Mayor Drew is proud to announce the proposition of a new Open Space and
Land Acquisition Fund which will help to ensure that the City has funds now and in
perpetuity to acquire open spaces and to proactively manage and preserve significant
natural resource areas that can be of significant value to the community.

The Mayor will be making the announcement at the Wilcox Open Space property,
located off Footit Road.  Parking will be available along Footit Road, west of Atkins
Street and the public is welcome to attend. For more information, please contact
Michelle Ford, Planning and Environmental Specialist, at 860-638-4837.

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