Saturday, August 23, 2014

Construction to Begin on Kayak and Canoe Launch

After many years of uphill struggle, construction of the boat launch on the Coginchaug River adjacent to the City’s recycling center is scheduled to begin on September 22. 

The Jonah Center wants to thank the members of CRAG (Coginchaug River Access Group); Joe Samolis, Chief of Staff for Mayor Dan Drew; Bill Russo, Director of Public Works; and Michiel Wackers, Director of Planning, Conservation, and Development for the critical roles they each played. Pat Munger Construction Company in Branford is the contractor.

The most critical part of the launch, the paved ramp leading into the water, will be constructed this fall. Other amenities such as information kiosk, paved turnaround, and solar lighting, will have to wait until more funds become available.  

For the full story of the boat launch project, visit the Jonah Center website here 


Matt Dodge said...

It's great to see this is finally getting underway! Not to take away from all those individuals mentioned in this article who each played significant roles (I know from experience as I worked with them on this) it should also be noted that others played critical roles in this project as well.

Joe Wren P.E. gave much of his time pro bono to making sure this project was designed properly. He was with us every step of the way. Always producing whatever was asked from him despite our lack of budget. Not many engineers would have given their time like he did.

Also, Laurie Giannotti from the CT Recreational Trails Grant Program really went to bat for us up at the DEEP when we faced hurdles. She was a pleasure to work with and did what she could to make sure we kept our funding despite the long delays.

Last (but not least), Bill Warner. While he might not have been the largest proponent of the kayak launch he was a critical player in the planning process - very mindful of the realities of the landscape and land-use history of the peninsula area. His leadership helped to move this project forward.

When it comes time for the ribbon-cutting ceremony I certainly hope that these individuals are invited and something is said on their behalf. This project could not have been accomplished without them!

Happy paddling!

Matt Dodge

Anonymous said...

This was decreed last year to be called the Phil Salafia launch after the late councilman who's land this used to be. John Hall should thank the family & out of respect refer to it as such in press & publications. His omission is obvious & petty. Also former Mayor Giuliano made the purchase, please give credit where it is due instead of patronizing the current administration. Please amend the article.