Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thank You From A Reader

From Dan and Alicia Penney 
The holiday season provides time for the community to reflect on the past as well as share thoughts of what exciting opportunities the new year will offer. It is the people of Middletown and extended communities, especially during difficult times, who pull together in unending acts of kindness. This past summer a very special twenty month old Middletown boy named Nar took seriously ill.

While being diagnosed with a life altering medical condition, his life was not only saved but the quality of his life was significantly enhanced via the selfless actions of so may throughout our community. After being hospitalized for some six weeks, he returned home to find that neighbors had lined the streets with blue ribbons to welcome him. Since such time,so many have reached out via touching acts of thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity. Such support and endless acts of kindness for little Nar and his parents has been overwhelming.

On behalf of Nar, his parents and all of us, we share a heartfelt thank-you to Middlesex Hospital, CT Children's Medical Center, Neighbors, Family, Friends, Volunteers, CT State Police, Middletown Police, South Fire District, Middletown Fire, Westfield Fire, Middletown Public Schools Band, Businesses, Labor, Saint Francis of Assisi Parish and the American Red Cross.

 This special little boy is our grandson and when we recently saw the twinkly return to his parents eyes, we knew that our caring community had made a difference.

 Dan and Alicia Coughlin Penney

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