Friday, January 31, 2014

Greg Amy: Candidate For Westfield Fire Commission Member

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On February 4, 2014 the Westfield Fire Commission is holding its Annual Meeting at 8:00 PM at the WFD fire house on 653 East Street. The purpose is to elect three Commissioners to a term of three years, and one Commissioner to the remaining term of two years to fill the vacated Commissioner seat, all beginning on February 5, 2014.
I am Greg Amy, a resident of Westfield on Miner Street. Last May, the Commission asked me to fill the vacated seat for a retiring member and I am running for election to this seat (two years remaining term). My wife and I have lived in Westfield since 1993; our backyard borders the west side of Westfield Fire Department property.

We came to the area because of its beauty and tranquility, and its proximity to our jobs. I have a BS in Engineering and a Master of Business Administration; my career is as an Information Technology Project Manager with a healthcare organization.

 Since being appointed to this seat, I have learned a lot about the Westfield Fire Department, enough so that I want to make a lasting contribution to the community, the organization, and to the district I have grown to respect. My reasons for requesting to continue my service as a board member are the same as would be for any resident in the district: to support the volunteers, EMS, first responders, and staff of the WFD while ensuring they have the resources needed to continue their service to the community, and doing so in a fiscally responsible way.

Toward that end, I am asking the voters to elect me to this seat.

 Most importantly, during my brief tenure with the current commission I found it to be a good group of leaders, of wide breadth of experience and skills, one that holds in mind the best interests of the volunteers, staff, and the entire Westfield community. It is a highly effective and dedicated body, addressing the needs of all stakeholders. Therefore, I ask the voters to consider retaining this organization as it exists today by re-appointing all Commission members that are up for vote.

Please see the attached for a list of Commission members that are up for re-election.


 Greg Amy

 Please note that this information and the attached flyer represent my opinion only and are not official positions of, or statements from, the Westfield Fire Commission. If you would like more information about the annual meeting or the election, please contact Fire District Administrator Linda DeManche at, or 860-632-0534.

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