Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Middletown Patch is History

The Middletown Patch is gone as of Friday.

Across the country, hundreds of writers and editors were fired in a conference call.  Cassandra Day, editor of the Middletown Patch was among several Connecticut editors let go by the organization after the sale of Patch by AOL to Hale Global.

Day, who ran a profitable, and well-read, frequently-visited version of AOL's "hyper-local" news site said she was reeling from the news.


Carmela Lockwood said...

that is VERY sad to see....Cassandra did a GReAT Job and i will miss reading patch...Can't believe it
-carmela lockwood
Jerry's Pizza

Mr. Fixit said...

If you would like to thank Cassandra for her efforts or to encourage her to produce a local version of the 'patch', you can contact her at:

(Yes, I have her permission to post her email address here)

Anthony Pioppi said...

Very disheartening and sad news. Cassandra did a wonderful job. Her work will be missed.

Anonymous said...

A "local version of the Patch" already exists.

I've heard of something... thinking... What's is it called?

Maybe "The Middletown Eye"?

Anonymous said...

She could start "The Middletown iPatch"

Anonymous said...

Its use was primarily an electronic version of the bulletin board at the grocery store entrance. Balanced objective journalism, no.

Ed Dypa said...

Too bad. The patch was what the 'old' Middletown Press Briefs was. Cassandra you did a great job. Hope you continue the Patch in some form.
Ed Dypa

Tree Fanatic said...

I like Eye-Patch better -- it just requires updating the logo a tad.

Anonymous said...

Will the Eye-Patch pay minimum wage?