Friday, January 10, 2014

Middletown Scores 76.3% on District Performance Index

On December 5th, the Connecticut State Department of Education released school and district performance reports for all CT schools.  Read the release letter here by clicking on the District and School Performance Reports link, and then selecting the "Click here to view the release letter." link.

For school year 2012-2013, Middletown's overall performance report can be viewed here.  In summary, Middletown's District Performance Index (CMT DPI) was 76.3 and 69.1 (CAPT DPI), measured against the State's ultimate target of 88.  An 88 DPI would mean that students would have performed at or above the "goal" level on the majority of tests (either the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) or Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT)).  Middletown's 76.3 CMT score did not reach the District target of 77.2, while the CAPT score of 69.1 did exceed the District target of 68.5.

The report nicely breaks down each sub-group's performance on both tests, giving a clear picture across the District's 11 schools on how close these groups are to their target levels.  For school specific reports, broken into sub-groups for a specific school, click here and select the School Reports search function.

Keep in mind, though, that while it might appear that some CMT scores may have stalled or even dropped, Middletown has been transitioning to the new Common Core State Standards curriculum for the last two years, but still testing using the CMT.  This year will be the first use of the Smarter Balance test, which specifically tests for the Common Core Curriculum.

More information on Common Core Curriculum is available here.

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Anonymous said...

Shameful results - except for the CAPT, the district did not meet its target. With all the money that's been thrown their way better results were expected. If that money had been spent on student achievement instead of adults and jobs for those who are connected, maybe the outcome would have been different.