Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Suzio Lobbies For End To Early Release Program

Len Suzio represented Middletown in the State Senate until 2012. One of the prominent issues he raised during his campaign for re-election was the early release program. The program allows non-violent convicts to earn early release from prison with good behavior and participation in rehabilitation programs. One of the motivations for the bill was to reduce the costs of the state prison system.

Suzio continues to lobby heavily for repeal of the early release program. He recently sent the following email to rally residents to join his efforts.

Dear fellow concerned citizens,

Well I guess our campaign to repeal the infamous "Early Release" program is having an impact. At this time no fewer than 17 bills have been filed to amend or end Early Release! This is testimony to the power of the pubic when it is given an opportunity to let legislators know how they feel.
One of the best ways to make our voices loud and clear is through vehicles like our "End the Early Release Program Petition". If you haven't already signed the petition please do so now to add your voice to the growing list of outraged Connecticut citizens who have had enough of favoring hardened violent criminals over innocent citizens. Since its inception 18 months ago, thousands of Connecticut criminals have been let loose to terrorize our families and neighborhoods. We know of at least 2 murders associated with Early Release criminal graduates. It's too late for those victims, but it is not too late to spare other Connecticut families the tragedy of another murder, rape or child molestation.

As soon as we are aware of public hearings on the proposals to end Early Release we will let you know. It would be great to get a good crowd at the Capitol to speak together.

Please go to EndEarlyRelease.com and sign the petition today and then tell your family, friends and neighbors to do so too.

Thanks for helping to end a terrible law that recklessly jeopardize the safety of all, women, children, the elderly, - every innocent person in Connecticut.

PS- here is a list of the proposed bills. Some of them aren't going to do much. But Senator Markley's bill would be the best (Senate Bill 123) - let your legislator know that you support SB 123!

  • SB 123, AA Repealing the Risk Reduction Credit Program (this is Senator Markley's bill)
  • PSB 448, AA Eliminating Risk Reduction Credits for Criminal Sentenced for Violent Crimes
  • PSB 492, AA Prohibiting Violent Offenders from Earning Risk Reduction Credit Toward a Reduction in Sentence
  • PSB 493, AAC the Earned Risk Reduction Credit Program
  • PSB 496, AA Prohibiting the Award of Risk Reduction Credit Toward a Reduction in Sentence for a Crime Committed with a Firearm
  • PSB 498, AAC Earned Risk Reduction Credit for Violent Offenses
  • PSB 678, AA Revising the Earned Risk Reduction Credit Program
  • PSB 681, AA Prohibiting the Award of Risk Reduction Credit for Any Inmate Sentenced for a Sexual Offense Against a Minor
  • PSB 683, AA Prohibiting the Use of Risk Reduction Credits to Reduce a Criminal Sentence for an Offense that Involved a Fatality
  • PSB 788, AA Eliminating the Earned Risk Reduction Credit Program
  • PSB 789, AA Eliminating the Earned Risk Reduction Credit Program for Violent Criminals
  • PHB 5083, AA Eliminating Risk Reduction Credits for Crimes that Result in the Death of Another Person
  • PHB 5224, AA Eliminating Risk Reductions Credits
  • PHB 5317, AA Eliminating Risk Reduction Credits for Violent Criminals
  • PHB 5522, AA Prohibiting a Person From Earning Risk Reduction Credit for Any Offense that Results in the death of Another
  • PHB 5674, AA Prohibiting Sexual Offenders from Participating in the Earned Risk Reduction Credit Program
  • PHB 6134, AAC the Earned Risk Reduction Credit Program


Anonymous said...

Stephen, with all due respect, the bill allows murderers to get early release. Most people have no problem with early release for nonviolent offenders. That is not what the Early Release Program is in Connecticut. In fact, short of felony murder, most criminals are eligible for it. Please see my comment on Darell Lucas's post to get my story.

Thank you,
Jennifer Peifer

Anonymous said...

I see that my comment has been deleted from Lucas's post. Unfortunate, as it may have put some of the post's blatant generalizations into real-world perspective. Not the treatment I expect from the Eye.

Jennifer Peifer

Jen Alexander said...

Hi Jennifer,

Sorry for the confusion - I originally deleted your comment in error and then reposted it myself as Anonymous - and then I'm not sure what happened or why it disappeared. Fortunately, I still had a copy of it and was able to post it on Darell's article. Thanks for letting us know it disappeared -

-Jen Alexander

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jen, for being so considerate!

Jennifer Peifer