Saturday, March 2, 2013

Food Not Bombs: a Community Meal

Held at 1pm Sundays at The Buttonwood Tree - on Liberty and Main

Recently I attended the Food Not Bombs here in Middletown and for those of you who missed it, we missed you!  But I must also say that you missed an awesome event.  Rarely have I experienced such a delicious, wholesome, and creatively prepared spread, where the main ingredient was clearly Love.  The small group of mostly Wesleyan students and a few Middletown residents led by dedicated Joshua Krugman, himself a student at Wesleyan, deserve a medal.  I am truly humbled.
I don’t know if others in our community are aware, or as unaware as I have been, of the true meaning behind ‘Food Not Bombs’ that serve this tremendous offering where all are welcome to share and spread nurturing love in the world—and this happens every Sunday from 1pm to 2pm at the North End, as also in several cities globally.  I am sure the founders of this wonderful concept could not have their dream realized by more dedicated and beautiful souls.  
We were a small group and I felt almost ashamed that I had never taken the time out to learn more or be part of this wonderful event.  This offering goes way beyond being merely a free serving of food to the community.  What a great way for people to connect and interact with each other.  We did this today in the warmth of The Buttonwood Tree.  The next time you are inspired to connect with the community, enjoy a unique Sunday afternoon and/or share in the delicious food and tremendous love that abounds this community, drop in!  And if you feel inclined to offer your services, do connect with Josh when you are there.  Volunteers at the kitchen are always welcome.  I had every intention of going again this last Sunday, and taking my family along, but we were all snowed in and so regretfully, stayed home.
Not Joshua, though!  Dedicated to the core, he and his small team dug their way out and made sure that service continued as usual—after all, there were some who would count on this to warm their stomach in such severe weather.  Joshua’s extraordinary commitment to service is an example to us all.  Even during his vacation, he drives down every week from Massachusetts just to prepare this generous feast for whoever needs or wants it.  But even Josh and his team could not pull this together without the bountiful contributions from Middletown’s establishments and other generous donors.  Every week is an eclectic surprise made delicious in the loving hands of these great souls.  Thank you Food Not Bombs!
By Annaita Gandhy

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Ross said...

Thank you for writing this! Food Not Bombs is truly a wonderful thing, I first did it once or twice in Philadelphia, and have been extremely happy to have a group doing it here in Middletown. It's not just "the best meal in town at any price," as they say, it's a great community, and based around the quite agreeable principle that as a society we should stop putting so much effort and resources toward war, and take care of our own instead. There is enough to go around, we just need to spread it out right. - Frequent Food Not Bombsian