Friday, March 22, 2013

Last Days of Winter

It’s not winter that bothers me so much, but the sleepy expedition of summers arrival.

I enjoy fall.  And like the holidays leading up to the New Year.  January is fine also.  But going through February and March is a drag.  I am just tired of gray skies, skeleton like woods, and cold windy weather. 

I am ok with snow.  It breaks up the mundane and is useful for sporting and play.

This video focuses on these last days of the winter season while I took a walk down Main.  Nobody wants to be on the street.  We hurry into our cars and buildings.  But after all the gray and gloom there is growth and hope.

P.s. I know this video isn't all sugar and spice but that is soon to come. :-)


Anonymous said...

Great Video...Gloom of Feb and March...Love the pics of St John's Church and surroundings....

Tree Fanatic said...

Great job, Darrell -- and I think the wonderful architecture of St. John's deserves to be scrutinized through your loving eye.