Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Late changes to Zone Proposal - I call that slick

Update at 7:51 pm:  A quick review of the inventoried properties shows that it does not include the 3 houses which Centerplan has proposed for demolition.   Let me be the first to call that "slick."   Most citizens, and probably the commissioners believe that "inventoried" buildings would include those on the National Historic Register.  But they don't exempt the buildings that the Register recognized - just those that are inventoried.   Local history expert Liz Warner notes that the purpose of the inventory is to show representative types of historic architecture - it's not intended to be a list of all the historic structures.

Original story:

At tonight's Planning & Zoning meeting will review a handout pertaining to the zone change application for Washington, South Main & Newfield Streets.

At first glance, there appear to be some amendments from the original application.

Here are the revised items:

No proposal shall result in the demolition of any inventoried building identified in the City of Middletown "A Survey of Historical and Architectural Resources - 2005" prepared by the Greater Middletown Preservation Trust (Volumes I-IV).  Any and all changes to any inventoried building shall be in keeping with its historic character.

Minimum lot frontage changed from 300 ft to 150 ft

Minimum building size changed from 15,000 sq ft to 7,500 sq ft.

Access to and from the site shall include access from the state highway, subject to the approval by the  State Department of Transportation.  If available access from local roads shall be minimized and designed to direct traffic to the nearest signalized intersection with the state highway and away from residential areas.

Required parking areas shall be broken into small groupings of parking as opposed to one contiguous lot and the parking shall be aesthetically landscaped and screened from all areas in a manner that is compatible with its surroundings.

Where possible based on underlying soils, parking areas shall be composed of pervious materials.

The four-page document is below - click on each photo to enlarge.  Apologies for the lousy resolution - if anyone can figure out what these amendments mean, please add a comment!

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Anonymous said...

Who prepared these amendments? Why was no public hearing scheduled on the amendments to Centerplan's proposal? What backroom lobbying and deals were made by Centerplan with Bill Warner and the P&Z commissioners? Why were at least some of the commissioners (Beth Emery, for example) handed these amendments at 7 p.m. on the day of the hearing on the decision of the P&Z? Where is Due Process and the public's right to comment on all proposals before the P&Z, including the amendments, in all of this? Why did Ralph Wilson seem so happy with the amendments to Centerplan's proposal? Something is rotten in the Town of Middletown. The Truth will, in due course, be revealed.