Thursday, March 14, 2013

P&Z Passes Controversial MX Zone Changes

The Planning & Zoning Commission passed extensive changes to the code governing the MX zone, opening the door for a planned development on Washington Street and perhaps much more throughout the city.

The Council Chamber was packed with people, many sitting on the floor or watching and listening as best they could on the TV in the City Hall lobby.

The Commission voted 6-0 in favor of text changes championed by the Centerplan Corporation, the Mayor and the Chamber of Commerce, but opposed by neighbors of the planned development and many other citizens.

The Middletown Press says the vote "end[s] weeks of debate", despite the fact that Ed McKeon, leader of the opposition, says neighbors will mount legal challenges to the change. But then, the Press didn't interview him or any of the other scores of concerned citizens who packed the Chamber.

The Patch and Wesleying blogs also covered the meeting, as did TV stations Fox 61 and Channel 3.

More to come later today on The Eye.

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