Thursday, March 21, 2013

Correction: Klekolo Started In 1994

An alert reader caught a mistake in our article about Klekolo World Coffee Day, which Mayor Drew proclaimed on Tuesday. Drew wrote that Hollie Rose opened Klekolo on March 18th, 1984, and went on to congratulate the Coffee Shop on its 19th anniversary.

We at The Eye pride ourselves on our numeracy, we're ashamed to have overlooked the glaring arithmetical mistake. We draw slim comfort from Ms. Rose, who told us that nobody at Klekolo noticed it either, "It's really funny that none of us saw that!"

Our city's best coffee shop actually opened in 1994.  The Eye apologizes for its uncritical acceptance of the words of government officials, we'll try to do better.


Anonymous said...

To our politicians, what's 10 years, or $10, or $1,000, or $10 million. When it comes to numbers, nothing adds up accurately with them.

Aurorathorn said...

Especially since Mayor Drew so heartily shook the hand of the current owner, Yvette Elliot, for pictures mere days after the Planning and Zoning commission approved the mixed use plan for Washington St. Stab in the back one day, shake hands the next. Hello drive-thru Starbucks. Gross.