Friday, August 31, 2012

Support the Voices of Middletown Youth

BIGGER THAN YOU THINK is a short play with a huge purpose--helping Middletown’s children grow up well. This is a time for committed action. Be a part of the action in a community performance created by the Middletown Youth Services Bureau, The Center for the Advancement of Youth, Family and Community Services, and Community Performance International.  From the stories of Middletown youth and adults, our play uses the 40 Developmental Assets, or building blocks of healthy youth development, to tell the story of how Middletown is doing with the most important job a town can have--raising the children. Participate in shaping the next generation of Middletown's leaders. 

To sign up for any of these volunteer opportunities or for more information please contact us by phone at 860-854-6030 or via email at (please include your name and contact information). You can also keep up to date on this project via Facebook at:

Cast –Roles for everyone from elementary school age, middle school, high school, young adults and grandparents, from all walks of life. The play looks to include over 50+ actors/participants so there is room for everyone regardless of perceived skill and experience (WE NEED YOU!!!). Auditions will be held at the Middletown Youth Services Bureau (372 Hunting Hill Ave, Middletown – former MHS VOAG site) and are scheduled for:
Friday, September 7th from 6-9pm
Saturday, September 8th from 10-12pm and from 1-4pm
Sunday, September 9th from 2-5pm

Program Book – This will feature program information and advertising.  We need the following help:
·        Someone to take the lead on producing this book, overseeing from start to finish, creative, ad sales & printing
·        Someone to do the layout (which may be the same lead person)
·        A large team of people to sell advertising space – this can be sold to businesses and individuals

Memory Wall/Display – This will depict a visual “story” of Middletown and may include pictures of events, students in school/athletics, landmarks that represent Middletown, newspaper clippings and will also include developmental assets related graphics/information.  Pictures and graphics will be collected from various resources. We need the following help:
·        Someone to take the lead on this project
·        Multiple people to assist with collection of images
·        Multiple people to create/assemble and install the display and disassemble after the show
·        We need photos/clippings of your significant Middletown memories. We can accept B&W or color copies or you can email to (please include a brief description along with the photo)

Childcare – This is for children of adult actors that will be in the play.  There will be 10 days of rehearsals and shows combine 
·        Help coordinate/schedule volunteer sitters
·        Caregivers – Entertain/watch kids of cast members

Publicity/Advertising – Getting the word out about the show through various vehicles. We need the following help:
·        Someone to take the lead on this project
·        Multiple people to distribute flyers/posters

Hands on - Nights of Show – We need several people to perform various jobs that may include providing information, handing out program books and possibly other materials, accepting donations, helping people find seats when theater is full.

Hospitality/Food Service/Phone Call Crew – We will need many people to assist in these areas. This includes helping to prepare for pot luck dinners on days/nights of rehearsal. 

Fundraising/Donations – If anyone has contacts with Middletown businesses or individuals that may want to sponsor the show please let us know.

In Kind Donations – We will be seeking donations for various aspects of the show. We need the following help:
·        Someone to take the lead on this project
·        Multiple people to assist the lead to acquire resources such as food/snacks for rehearsals, materials for set design, etc.

Special thanks go out to our two lead volunteers on this project, Kyle Barreuther and Mark Laucella, and to my brother Travis Carbonella for volunteering to film and edit our intro video.

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