Monday, August 20, 2012

Artists for World Peace Award Scholarships

Artist for World Peace Scholarship event. From left to right are; Mike Bellabuono, Andrew Moore, Priscilla Harnesk, Meghan Garrity, Justin Carbonella, Wendy Black-Nasta, Ava Varszegi, Jennifer Lia, Erin DeLeon and Matt Lesser

The Scholarship Committee is comprised of Artists for World Peace founder Wendy Black-Nasta and Board member Jennifer Lia, Middletown Teen Theater Director Ali Sinacrope, Middletown High School art teacher Charlotte McCoid, Oddfellows Playhouse Executive Director Matt Pugliese, Middletown Youth Service Coordinator Justin Carbonella and Citizen Bank Manager Glen Taylor. The committee is chaired by Priscilla Harnesk.
Artists for World Peace was presented with study results conducted by Professor Rob Rosenthal’s Wesleyan University sociology students. The study found that there is a great economic divide in resources for students pursuing the arts. Students with greater economic resources are at a higher advantage; having the ability to participate in private lessons and purchase supplies. Artists for World Peace decided to help level the playing field by providing scholarships for items like lessons and materials to students residing in Middletown and going on to pursue higher education in the arts. Applicants showed involvement in community service, the arts, and financial need. This is the first year the award was given out, and the group hopes to make it an annual event.

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