Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Middnight On Main 2013 Gets City And Community Support

The Finance and Government Operations Commission tonight voted to endorse a city contribution of $32,000 to Middnight on Main, the hugely popular New Year's Eve celebration on Main Street. If approved by the full Council on Monday, $25,000 of this would be a cash contribution to cover expenses, the remainder would cover police overtime.

During the portion of the meeting reserved for public comments, Mayor Dan Drew expressed his strong support for the contribution to Middnight on Main. that virtually every downtown restaurant reported that New Year's Eve was the most profitable night of the year, and he said that he expects an even bigger crowd this year.

Councilman Tom Serra used that occasion to point out that businesses should make contributions to the city to cover the annual Fourth of July Fireworks. Quentin Phipps, of the Downtown Business District, and Mayor Drew, pointed out that many of Middletown's businesses were also making large contributions to Middnight on Main, with Centerpoint, Pratt and Whitney, and the Community Health Center each contributing $25,000, and Liberty Bank and the Downtown Business District each contributing $5,000.

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