Sunday, August 5, 2012

From 1912: Notes From Middletown

The following is from 100 years ago today. I've selected a subset of one-paragraph briefs about news in Middletown from an article published in the Hartford Courant on August 5th, 1912.
Council Meeting.
The August meeting of the city fathers will be held in the council chamber on Monday. Regular routine business will be transacted but nothing of importance is expected to come before the council at this meeting, with the exception of another hearing on the macadamizing of Green street, which was taken from the table at the last regular meeting.

Gone To The Woods.
President George J. Fisher and family and Dr. James T. Mitchell, left on Saturday evening for Indian Pond, located in the woods of Maine. The party will be joined at the pond by State's Attorney Frank D. Haines and family, also of this city. The party will camp out in log cabins and will spend most of their time fishing.

Fire Whistle Failed.
An alarm of fire was pulled from Box 12 on Saturday afternoon but the whistle failed to respond. On investigation by the fire chief it was discovered that workmen who are engaged in building an addition to the electric light station, where the whistle is located, dropped a brick that lodged between the weight that operates the whistle and a beam. The whistle has been a constant worry to the fire chief since the building operations have been going on at the station and the failure of the whistle to respond on Saturday should be a warning to all to see that it is kept free from obstruction.

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