Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Programs at The Buttonwood Tree - Pilot Session Tonight

The Buttonwood Tree, Middletown's own community arts space/bookstore, will be offering several new programs this fall, some of which will start with a pilot session before the cool Fall air even sets in. Tonight, Tuesday, August 21, Daniela Pugh leads a guided class to help folks awaken to their higher, inner Self and release their creativity. Many of us walk through life so busy, focused on work and children and our endless responsibilities that we forget to take care of ourselves and nurture our own soul. On an airplane they teach you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first - you are then better equipped to help others, this applies to life as well. How often we neglect ourselves! Some of the programs at TBT, including this one, offer ways for you to get in touch with your highest Self, equipping you with techniques to reduce stress, rejuvenate and rebalance yourself, allowing you to handle life in a peaceful way, benefitting your family and yourself. Times are changing in a big way, and we all need some extra help on how to cope with change. Adaptability is one key to success - but how do you learn that? Try some of these classes:

Tuesday, Aug. 21:
Laughter Yoga "Playshop"- Laughter IS the best medicine, but how often do you do it? This class helps you release stress and laugh easier, two things to make your life better and you healthier! 7-8pm (Free)

NEW CLASS: Go with the FLOW - Freedom, Love, Oneness and Wellness;  A class combining simple body awakening/dance movements, guided meditation and the opportunity for creative expression through music, writing, dance or drawing for the purpose of reducing stress and rebalancing ourselves for a healthier, happier life. Pilot session 8:15-9:15 pm (Free)

"Aligned with Source" - Workshop for Empowerment with Annaita Gandhy. Ongoing workshop, drop in any week 10:30-12 noon ($5 sug. donation)  Topic this week, Aug. 25, is Living in Abundance.

Creative Writing Workshop - A Novel Writing Workshop hosted with award-winning writer and former ABC and NPR journalist Eileen Albrizio. What “Show Don’t Tell”  Means in Fiction and Creative Nonfiction. One of the most frustrating phrases we’ve heard as writers will frustrate you no more! This workshop will not only make sense out of “show don’t tell,” but will make the craft of showing your story enjoyable and exciting! August 25th, 1-3 pm ($25. registration required)

NEW CLASS: Community Yoga - 6 week session starts September 8. Start your weekend on the right foot by invigorating yourself! Terri Johnson, RYT of Lex Gillan’s The Yoga Institute, will be teaching a unique and varied Vinyasa Flow style for folks new to yoga and intermediates.  8:30 - 9:45 am (Free)

NEW CLASS: Chinese Bamboo Brush Painting - Chinese Brush painting is meant to be more than a representation of an object; it is also a symbolic expression. Painting the leaves and stem, but never the whole plant, bamboo painting is all about the beauty of line. You will be amazed at all the different qualities of line you can achieve with just one brush, simply by changing the angle and pressure with which you hold it. Lessons include brush stroke techniques, brushes used, making Chinese ink, using rice paper composition and space.

You should be able to use the skills you learn to design your own shirts, create cards, and decorate your home. Chinese bamboo brush painting is relaxing and fun. You are guaranteed to go home with a beautiful painting that you’ve created using the skills learned in this workshop!

This class is ideal for beginners, no experience is needed. Instructor is 
artist and author Jason Mark Alster MSc.  Adult class -Sept. 22,  Children over 14 and adults - Oct 6. Both classes held 1-5 pm ($45 registration required, includes supplies)

Later in September:
NEW PROGRAM: Open Improv Jam / Performance Join host and facilitator, Topher, for an evening of improvised theater games. Come either to perform or to watch as players engage in improvised scenes and sketches. Pilot sessions Tuesdays, Sept 4th and 11th,  7-9pm ($5 suggested donation)

NEW PROGRAM: Karaoke with Deni. Singing is another way to improve the quality of life and have fun - all are welcome. Fourth Wednesdays, starts September 26,  7-9pm (Free)   

All programs and classes are held at The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts & Cultural Center - located in Middletown's Arts District at 605 Main Street, next to It's Only Natural market.  www.buttonwood.org.  TBT is open 7 days a week and is accepting volunteers. Call 860-347-4957 or email  thebuttonwoodtree@gmail.com for more information.

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