Thursday, December 1, 2011

State Senate District Boundaries To Shift In Middletown

Note: in an earlier version of this article, I reversed the 2001 and 2011 maps, confusing old and new. I apologize for foisting my confusion onto you.
The State Legislative Redistricting Commission maintained the two existing districts for the State Senate, but it significantly moved the boundary between them. Many residents will be voting in a new district in 2012.

District 9, currently represented by Paul Doyle and centered in Rocky Hill, is now a long and meandering district which stretches from the eastern portion of Westfield all the way to Maromas. District 13, currently represented by Len Suzio and centered in Meriden, will now move to the west, and include the other half of Westfield and the western part of south Middletown.


John said...

I think these maps are reversed. The cga site shows the current 13th including the southern half of Middletown, and the new district border looking like a randomly torn piece of tissue paper

Anonymous said...

Middletown Eye has presented best info & graphics by far. Great reporting!