Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do you like listening? Prove it.

Do you like music? Do you like listening to NPR news? Do you like having one place to go to every weekday at 5pm to hear about things happening around town, more events than one could possibly attend? Do you like listening to the radio all day long and not hearing the same 8 songs played multiple times each? Do you like listening to the radio and not hearing advertisements, or DJs testimonials about products and services that are obviously veiled advertisements? Do you like the ability to get connected into the local community by listening to the radio? Do you like the idea of being able to tune the radio into shows that are created by your neighbors and have names like "600 Pounds of Sin", "Maelstrom of the Weird," "Life is a Killer with Johnny Analog," "Hour of the Slack from SubGenious Radio," and too many other catchy titles to list here?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider making a donation to 88.1 WESU FM in any amount that you feel this programming is worth to you.

Some additional information from WESU regarding just one of the recent accomplishments as well as how to give:

The Generation Public Radio Exchange (PRX) Bullying Stories Project panel has selected WESU’s Middletown Youth Radio Project’s pitch as one of its finalists in this national competition. The Middletown Youth Radio Project (MYRP) is a program on WESU in which youth from the Middletown community create audio projects including songs and stories and play them on the air. The committee was impressed by the creative approach to talking about bullying, and the balance of both a social structure perspective and personal stories. As thanks for the pitch, the youth radio group will receive: an audio storytelling kit that includes a digital recorder and audio editing software, training webinars on producing, refining, and distributing stories, story advising from a professional producer, and likely inclusion in a youth radio special to be broadcast nationwide via PRX.

Financial support during this pledge drive will help ensure that WESU continues to grow and operate as a creative vehicle for partnership between the Wesleyan University community, the people of the greater Connecticut River Valley, and beyond. Donations will directly benefit WESU and help to ensure local, community-based programs and alternative news and music continue to have a home on the radio dial.

To show your support for WESU, please donate now at www.wesufm.org, or call 860-685-7700 during the drive 12/05-12/12 and make a pledge. Online pledges are conveniently processed immediately, prevent clerical errors, and are more eco-friendly since there is no paper involved. For more information on how you can support WESU contact Ben Michael, General Manager – generalmanager@wesufm.org 860-658-7707.

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