Sunday, December 4, 2011

From 1936: Will Urge Middletown Bridge Be Named For General C.R. Edwards

The following article is from about 75 years ago today, published in the Hartford Courant on December 5th, 1936.
"General Clarence Ransome Edwards Yankee Division Memorial Bridge" will be suggested to the General Assembly as the name for the new span across the Connecticut here. It was voted by the YD Veterans Association meeting Friday night in DAV Hall. Major Leonnard J. Maloney of New Haven will head the association's legislative committee to appear before the Assembly, and will pick other members of the committee to be at the Alden Club, Hartford, on December 13 at 2:30 p.m.

Members of the association's general committee on naming the bridge were chosen Friday night as follows: Chairman, Joseph Kelinski; vice-chairman, Captain Park Rockwell; Captain Joseph I. Lawton, Captain William Start, Joseph T. Klick, Albert Calhoun, Arthur Dickenson, William Burr, Edward Lawler, Claude I. Blenus, Edward McDonald, Michael Rogers, Andrew J. Lohneiss, Paul H. Francis, Joseph Durant, Maurice Griffin, Charles P. Jones, George Naylor, Edward Nichols, T. Bardinelin, George H. Boothroyd, A. R. Carbo, Arthur Danlies, Louis Daniels, Frank L. Johnson, O. Peterson, Einer Turning and George Seymour.
General Edwards fought in the Phillipine American and the Spanish American Wars, and in World War I. He seems to have had difficulty with his superiors, he graduated last in his class at West Point, and in World War I was relieved of command by General Pershing.

The Bridge was built between 1936 and 1938. It would remain without an honorific name for many years before it was finally named after a state legislator who promoted its construction, Charles Arrigoni.

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