Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ed Henry Keeps Rolling Along

As we turn the calendar to January 2012, Ed Henry begins his 62nd year as host of "The Polish Melodies Show".  Originally broadcast from the Main Street Studios of WCNX-AM 1150, the show is now heard on WMRD-AM (the call letters changed in 1996 when current Don DeCesare purchased the station) and WLIS-1420 AM in Old Saybrook.

This New Year's Day morning, Mr. Henry will drive 1 mile from his home to WMRD on River Road and will do what he has done since the show began over 6 decades ago - he will turn on the microphone at 10 a.m.  For the next 60 minutes, he will have fun, announce birthdays, celebrate Polish heritage, play waltzes, polkas and oberiks, read ads from his loyal sponsors, pay homage to his friends and family and make his loyal audience smile and tap their feet.  Even when he's not feeling 100%, his hour on the radio rejuvenates him and his listeners.

52 Sundays a year (53 on rare occasions), Ed Henry makes people happy.  As he always says, "I never miss a show" and that's true - in the 15+ years my show has followed his at 11 a.m., Ed only has taken off when the weather has made it impossible for him to get to the studio.  He missed a show once when he and his wife Jean went to Poland and also when his sister passed away. 

61 years - it's tough to contemplate all the events and changes Ed Henry has seen in that span of time but, one thing has not changed; the man loves what he does and that love is shared by many people every Sunday.  GratulujÄ™!

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Go Ed!