Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jef Johnson Middletown Workshop receives MCA Grant

Creative performance pioneer Jef Johnson returns to Middletown with a new workshop titled "Expect Nothing" December 16-18 with supplemental funding provided by the Middletown Commission on the Arts, sponsored by The Buttonwood Tree. Regularly $200, with support from the MCA, Jef is able to offer this 20-hour workshop at a reduced rate of $50.

Creative Awakening Workshop: EXPECT NOTHING

"Man's nature is to establish predictable circumstances and to hold tight to the daily manner of maintaining that predictable 'reality'. The desire to attain the approval of others has resulted in a society motivated by judgment and fear. Creativity requires freedom from rigid constructions and formulas. It requires presence and participation...without the guarrantee of any special benefit. To offer myself to the world, I must first remember how to experience the world without expectation, without arrogant assumption and without fear of rejection." - Jef Johnson

Who is Jef Johnson?

Jef Johnson is a leader in the field of performance theory. His research focuses on naive experience, consciousness, play, patterned behavior and social identity. He is a principle artist in the Broadway and International touring company of Slava's Snowshow. He has also worked with Cirque du Soleil as clown, special artistic consultant and workshop director. He has been investigating personal perception, performance and play for the last 25 years and has more than 20 years of experience working in live performance. He has given Master Classes, Conferences and Workshops to many organizations, theaters and universities including Cirque du Soleil, Slava's Snowshow, Circo Sentido, Circo de Mente, Camp Broadway, University of Houston, University of Pennsylvania, Colombia University, University of Minnesota, CUNY, SUNY, NYU, UNAM, UDEM, UQROO, and CENART. He is director of Mascara/Clown and is on the faculty of the Nouveau Clown Institute in Barcelona, Spain. Currently he is in Mexico, conducting research into the nature of human consciousness, creative association and social performance. Drawing from Clown, Mask and Butoh, his work has initiated deeper investigation into the primary essence of human experience, character and performance.

Workshop Details

The workshop runs Friday, December 16 from 6-10 pm, Saturday and Sunday, December 17 & 18 from 10 am – 6 pm, at 100 Riverview Center, Lower Level. This space has been generously donated by Harding Development Group in Middletown. Regularly $200, with support from the MCA, Jef is able to offer this 20-hour workshop at a reduced rate of $50. For more information contact Aryn Kyer at

Talk at The Buttonwood Tree

In addition, Jef Johnson will give a talk entitled "Q&A: Expectation, Hope and Promise" that is free and open to the public at The Buttonwood Tree at 8pm on Thursday, December 15th. The Buttonwood Tree is located at 605 Main Street in Middletown.


Anonymous said...

Any Middletown residents interested in expanding their understanding of themselves and greater realizing their potential should come. It's fun and engaging. It's also an excellent opportunity for Wesleyan students stuck here on break to experience more of the community they are part of.

tony said...

A fantastic and exciting thing for Middletown! These workshops with Jef Johnson have improved my creativity, relationships and personal growth in ways I'm just beginning to understand.