Monday, November 28, 2011

Mayor And Schools Superintendent Praise Resolution Of Labor Dispute

From the Mayor's Office

Mayor Daniel Drew, Chairman of the Board of Education Gene Nocera, and Superintendent of Schools Michael Frechette negotiated the successful conclusion of a labor dispute that began with the winter storm that crippled the delivery of electricity in the city in late October.

In October, the City and BOE had disputed where the pay for the school cafeteria employees who worked in the emergency shelter would come from.

Mayor Drew, Superintendent Frechette, and Board of Education Chairman Dr. Gene Nocera negotiated an agreement that the BOE would pay for the employees’ time and the City will work to acquire Federal Emergency Management Agency funds to reimburse storm-related costs for itself and the BOE.

“I appreciate the cooperation of Dr. Frechette and Dr. Nocera in bringing what could have been another big dispute to a conclusion that satisfied everyone involved,” Drew said. “This is a win for the city, the Board of Education, the employees, and the taxpayers.”

"I definitely support the actions of the Mayor and the cooperation between the City and Board of Education to resolve the matter without obstacles,” said BOE Chairman Gene Nocera. “In the end it was solved quickly and efficiently, saving the City money."

“After discussions between the Mayor’s office and the BOE, I am pleased to report that BOE employees, who worked at the Middletown High School Emergency Shelter during the recent storm, were compensated by the BOE this week,” said Superintendent of Schools Michael Frechette. “In the spirit of cooperation, Mayor Drew has agreed to help the BOE recover its costs through federal reimbursements available after a major emergency like this. The open communication with Mayor Drew is refreshing and encouraging.”

“As the union president, I would like to thank the Mayor for helping to resolve the issue so it didn't escalate into a problem,” said Jeff Daniels, president of Local 466. “I am also impressed with the new Board of Education and believe they will be a great asset to the school system and city.”


Anonymous said...

There was absolutely no reason why the BOE did not pay these employees at the time they worked other than political posturing. All employees who worked at the shelter were to be paid from their department budgets and reimbursements sought from FEMA in the first place.

Anonymous said...

More importantly,

What is the status of the on-going lawsuits between the BOE and the City? Have they been dropped or resolved?

Anonymous said...

Postive Article and actions by all! Let's keep the blogs postive too.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct, political posturing at its lowest; perfectly timed & designed to make the new mayor look like the great peacemaker. Well played BOE if it were not so transparent. Your books & ledgers should be so open.