Thursday, November 3, 2011

Letter of Endorsement: Jon Pulino Treasurer (R)


My name is Eleanor (Bellobuono) Tomaszewski. I am a senior citizen (82 years young) and am

writing to urge Middletown voters to elect Jonathan Pulino as Middletown's next city treasurer on November 8, 2011. In particular, I ask that all of Middletown senior citizens vote for Jonathan Pulino as I know that he has our best interests at heart and will listen to our concerns. I know this for a fact as I have talked to Jonathan at length myself.

Currently Jonathan teachers English at an inner city high school in Meriden which is something that only a small amount of people can do. After getting to know Jonathan through the Middletown Republican Town Committee (I have been a member since 2004), I have been very impressed with his attitude toward his chosen profession and philosophy that the job is a "calling" rather than a daily grind.

He enthusiastically speaks about his experiences in the classroom and at times appears frustrated over the fact that he wasn't able to reach a student that day- this is a good example of somebody that is not self-absorbed and reflective and person that should be in local government.

Jonathan has also mentioned that as a treasurer he would institute a 4-prong policy to take the
office into a new direction. He speaks about forming a treasurer's committee which would include
members of both sides of the political aisle in order to focus on the city's money issues. Jonathan also supports line items and transparency with regard the Board of Education's budget something that he would like to push the state legislation to change if he is elected.

It is Jonathan's feelings that being part of city government is an honor and a privilege and not
something to be looked at lightly. I learned this when I dealt with Jonathan at a meeting of the Board of Assessment Appeals in 2007, he was kind and polite and listened to my appeal a lot longer than he wassupposed to which meant a lot to me: he was listening to my side of story, not trying to get me out of the office like others have done to senior citizens such as myself in the past.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a very forthright person. I would only write a letter for
someone I wholeheartedly believed in. Jonathan Pulino is a person of exceptional and uncommon
integrity and possesses skills that will make for an excellent city treasurer.


Eleanor (Bellobuono) Tomaszewski

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Anonymous said...

Jonathan Pulino IS a great guy. Not only is he funny but smart too. He will make an excellent treasurer. And as for Eleanor Tomaszewski, she is very well-known, mostly for being every inch the lady and the matriarch of the Tomaszewski family. If she says to vote for Pulino, I'd say do it. Eleanor doesn't give her stamp of approval on just anyone.