Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mayor Proclaims Klekolo World Coffee Day

Mayor Dan Drew celebrated a locally owned business today. He came to Klekolo World Coffee Shop to read a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the day that it opened.

Current owner Yvette Elliott accepted the proclamation from the Mayor.

Klekolo was opened in 1984 [added, March 21: thank you to Jennifer Proto for pointing out the mathematical error, Klekolo actually opened in 1994] by Hollie Rose, who recognized a need for high quality coffee in Middletown. Rose sold the shop to Elliott in 2011. Klekolo is located at 18 Court Street, one-half block from Main Street.

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Ann said...

It is nice to see a local coffee house recognized for it's 19 years of service in town. Having the mayor use this as a photo op a week after he supports the zoning changes to bring a chain coffee shop to town is rather sad. When is this guy going to get a clue?

Jennifer Proto said...

1984 to 2013 = 29 years.

Stephen H. Devoto said...

Thank you Jennifer, for showing a numeracy that seems to have escaped this Eye correspondent!
I have posted a correction as a result of your comment.