Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Attorney General Blumenthal Encourages Change In Health Code

In light of the controversy engendered by Food Not Bombs refusal to admit they are under the jurisdiction of state health regulations, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has written a letter to the State Senate President and the House Majority Leader urging them to modify the statute.

As written, the law provides an exception to non-profit and charity organizations which sell food, not prepared in licensed kitchens, in order to raise funds for that charity. The law does not exclude organizations which gather and prepare food and distribute the food for free to those in need.

Last Friday, Blumenthal met with a delegation from Middletown who urged him to examine the law and provide his interpretation.

His letter expresses his belief that the intent of the law is likely to allow for an exception for those charitable organizations which distribute and share food with those in need, but he urges the legislature to be explicit in this intent.

The Eye will provide the entire letter when received from the Attorney General.

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