Saturday, March 21, 2020

Words of encouragement & hope

From the Christian Science Monitor: George Shultz at age 100. --As one of only two people in U.S. history who has served in four Cabinet posts, George Shultz has seen a lot of the workings – and nonworkings – of American policy up close. Now, as he nears 100, he gives his state of the world and outlines why trust is “the coin of the realm” for effective governing.

Why this centenarian statesman is hopeful – but cautious – about the future

  “We are now on a major hinge of history, comparable to but different from the hinge we were on at the end of World War II,” says Mr. Shultz, who was secretary of state to President Ronald Reagan and treasury secretary, director of the Office of Management and Budget, and labor secretary to President Richard Nixon.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Middletown Eye for posting this article about former Secretary of State George Schultz. Very enlightening & thoughtful article. More people should read it and the country should take his advice.