Saturday, March 14, 2020

New Trash Hauler Comes to Middletown

There is a new company that is offering hauling services for residents outside of the Central District, whose trash is not picked up by city trucks (submitted by Darrel Gagnon).

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Anonymous said...

I submitted this on January 26th and for some reason, wasn't posted here until now. My text was not included, again for some reason. Following is what I submitted then:

In case you didn’t receive or just threw it out, I received a mailer around the holidays. After New Year’s I followed up with the new hauler for Middletown. I have no association with this company other than being a new customer. A no-brainer for me is the fact that they pickup trash and single-stream recycling every week with, ready for this, the SAME TRUCK! What that means is only one truck instead of two. Half the fuel and emissions as my former hauler, All Waste. Just think of the reduced pollution if everyone in Middletown switched. What else can you do that would reduce pollution caused by getting rid of your trash that would have such an effect? And they offer a senior citizen discount. It would be environmentally responsible to give them a call.