Sunday, November 3, 2019

Opinion: Middletown's Historical Mayoral Candidate

Submitted by Valeka Clarke.
My name is Valeka Clarke and I am a registered democrat presenting myself as the first woman of color to become Middletown’s Historical Mayoral Candidate- also registered as a “write-in” mayoral candidate for the 2019 November 5th general election. I am a lifelong resident of Connecticut born January 27, 1975 and mother of three accomplished adults- Valayshia, Desrick Jr. (granddaughter, Summer) and Svetlana.

Civic Engagement Experience- Twenty- four year proven history of cohesively assisting individuals as well as families challenged by verified self-reported crisis/hardship(s) caused by retirement, domestic violence, psychiatric co-occurring disorders, mental health disorders, autism, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, immigration concerns and offender reentry transition by both advocating and utilizing established collaborative community based partnerships within urban and suburban communities in combination with federal, state and or local agency resources for the purpose of providing accurate individualized referral resources available with desired outcomes of alleviating self-reported barriers proven to support a foundation geared towards an acceptable quality of life deemed acceptable by reporter.

Medication Assisted Treatment Specialist,(MATS) Connecticut Certification Board;
Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA Autism Spectrum), Housatonic Community College;
National Medical Assistant; and
Connecticut Certified Educator.

Middletown Community Engagement- Community activist with youth 13-18 at the forefront; National member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); Member of Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce (The Essex Group); Member of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church; Former employee of Middletown public Schools; March for Education Foundation, Inc.; Various Racial and Health Food Groups; and Middletown Green Community Center.
Platform- Equality and Social Justice
“I am not a politician, I am a humanitarian”- VC

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