Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Contently Watching

OPINION by Brian Kaskel, a Husband, Father, and RINO who writes what he thinks and thinks what he writes! The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Middletown Eye, its contributors, or the friends of the author, some of whom happen to contribute to The Middletown Eye.

Maybe I will write more on this later, and will definitely be posting more in the coming months and years, but for now:

Middletown Election 2019 (speaking for myself)

I feel hung over and I didn’t run or drink yesterday. I voted. I voted bipartisan. The 6 people I voted for won.  (I know I could have voted for more) Some are friends. Some I have learned to trust. Some were just right for the job. The other 6 I have concerns about. Bottom line, I will be watching closely. 4 years happens fast.

But to all of you who won on both sides, celebrate for now. The real battles start soon. Work together. Work for Middletown. We’ll all be watching. We NEVER want to go through another divisive campaign like that again.

My hope is that moderate Republicans and Independents like me will step up and organize. Become the party that Middletown needs and start forging bipartisan relationships now. Today.

Looking forward to a better Middletown.

I’ll be watching.


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