Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Official Results: A Complete Democratic Sweep

Democrats were the top vote getters yesterday, by a large margin in every race.

11,768 people voted, 594 by absentee ballot, and 144 using Election Day Registration. In total, 42% of registered voters cast a ballot.

Names in bold will be seated. Note that because of rules that restrict the maximum number of people from one party, Republicans with fewer votes than Democrats will be seated on the Board of Education and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Benjamin D. Florsheim (D) 6200
Sebastian N. Giuliano (R) 5428
Valeka Clarke (Write-in) 22

Gene Nocera (D)        6634
Meghan R. Carta (D) 6088
Jeanette White (D) 5904
Vincent J. Loffredo (D)5860
Darnell Ford (D)        5821
Edward McKeon (D) 5790
Grady Faulkner, Jr.  (D)  5697
Bobbye Knoll Peterson (D) 5535
Philip Pessina (R)      5158
Tony Gennaro (R)     4830
Ed Ford, Jr.  (R)    4770
Linda Salafia (R)    4708
Mike Marino (R)               4634
Hope P. Kasper (R)         4593
Matthew L. Scarrozzo (R) 4568
Jon Pulino (R) 4539

Steven Kovach (D) 6042
Tami J. Kapacziewski (R) 4775

Anita Dempsey-White (D) 6118
Deborah Cain (D)   6019
Justin Taylor (D)   5915
Delita Rose-Daniels (D) 5880
Sanji Lawrence (D) 5660
Dina Ford (R) 4629
Laura Krayeski (R) 4575
George Souto (R) 4529
Scott Wilcox (R) 4508
Tami J. Kapacziewski (R) 4483

Kathy Adams (D) 6066
John Kilian (D) 5687
Leslie Spatola (R)  4607
Vinny Szynkowicz (R) 4232

Catherine Johnson (D) 5916
Thomas Pattavina (D) 5891
Richard Pelletier (D) 5728
Elizabeth Emery (D) 5665
Molly Salafia (R) 4870
Marcus Fazzino (R) 4328
James M. O'Connell (R) 4204
Christopher J. Sugar (R) 4036

Kellin Atherton (D) 5720
Shanay N. Fulton (D) 5629
Kenneth A. McClellan (R) 4522
John Sloan (R) 4354

Shall the $5,000,000 appropriation and bond authorization for the acquisition of land and interests therein to preserve open space and farm lands in the City of Middletown, pursuant to the ordinance adopted by the Common Council on August 5, 2019, be approved?

YES    7303
NO     2019


Mark D. said...

Pretty cool that that the land conservation question passed by a 7 : 2 ratio. What a great town!

Elisabeth Holder said...

I wish to give thanks to all of our citizens who worked to pass the open space bond -- those who made signs, passed out flyers, spread the word to friends and neighbors, posted on social media, and most of all to everyone who voted for the issue. Those of us on the Commission on Conservation and Agriculture are committed to using a careful ranking system to assess land for purchase; we do our best to maintain trails wherever possible; and we look forward to preserving land in Middletown for the good of all our citizens. I do agree that this is a great town to live in, with a thriving downtown, with wild areas for recreation, with active farmland, and with many parks. We are fortunate indeed.
Elisabeth Holder
The Middletown Commission on Conservation and Agriculture