Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Kid's Lit National Champions Honored by the Board of Education

( National Kid's Lit Champions, Bennie Balwin, Alex Ren and
Constantinos Soterion,  Not present
Nora Salo-Markowski)
The national champion Kid's Lit team, who won an national competition was honored at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday evening.

The meeting began in a celebratory mode with three members of the winning team in attendance, Bennie Baldwin, Alex Ren and Constantinos Soterion.  Another member, Nora Salo-Markowski was not in attendance.  Woodrow Wilson Middle School teacher and coach Maggie Murphy explained that the team would be participating in the international competition in Toronto in July, on an all-expenses paid trip.

In addition the Keigwin team was congratulated on competing and placing well in the competition. That team includes Jack Weitz, Amelia Kegeman, Sophia Engels and Jesse Baldwin.  Cory Fornier is the Keigwin coach.

Representatives of the MHS
Dragon Watch club.
From Middletown High School, the fifty-five member Dragon Watch presented a video, "Kindness Boomerang" which demonstrated the goals of the organization - to provide kindness and support to any student who needs it.

During the public session, Bielfield parent and Governance Council member Geen Thazhampallath delivered a moving plea to the Board to remember the problem of hunger in Middletown schools. Thazhampallath said that hunger is a real, but a sometimes hidden problem that needs to be addressed.

Geen Thazhampallath
"With every budget decision made there is a real kid who will be affected," Thazhampallath said.

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