Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wesleyan Potters Chintz-zee Patron Party Tomorrow

The Wesleyan Potters have been cleaning out their closets, finding handcrafted treasurers, prototypes, firsts and one of a kind seconds.  These beautiful, found pieces of art all will go to new homes on the 19th of June,   during the Chintz-zee Patron Party at Wesleyan Potters.  At this flower powered event, every ticket holder will choose a handcrafted art piece to take home.     Pottery, jewelry, baskets, sculpture and more ,valued up to $150, will be available.

 “Got to Have It,” $25 ticket holders will get first pick of the art available from 6-7 pm.  “Need It,” $15 ticket holders get to shop from 7-8 pm.  “Want It,” $5 ticket holders will surely find a treasure to take home in the 8 to 9 o’clock hour.   Multiple tickets may be purchased for any hour.  
Optional Attire for this party:  Chintz-zee-iest (flower covered) clothes (think of this as summer’s response to the ugly sweater party).  As ticket holders await their entrance time, they will be treated to light refreshments and live music.

Limited tickets for each hour are available.  Stop by Wesleyan Potters at 350 South Main Street (Rte. 17) Middletown to purchase tickets.  Tickets can also be reserved by calling 860-347-5925 or emailing

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