Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FedEx Meeting Canceled

The FedEx community information meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 11th at 7pm in the council chambers at City Hall has just been canceled.

The meeting had been planned as an opportunity for FedEx Ground to present its proposed plans for a package distribution center on the old Aetna property to the surrounding community.

There are no current plans to reschedule the meeting.


Bill Flood said...

Who cancelled it, and for what reason?

Anonymous said...

I would bet they didn't want to pay the 2nd largest tax increase in state history. Thanks Governor Malloy for also giving us the biggest 4 years ago.

Jennifer Mahr said...

Bill - FedEx cancelled the meeting. They are in a silent period before a quarterly earnings statement and are unable to have any involvement with the press before then. The public will have a chance to comment on the project at both the July 1st Inland Wetlands meeting and then before P&Z after that.