Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This Weekend at The Buttonwood Tree


Come join us for another wonderful weekend at The Buttonwood Tree! Friday, the stunning Cynthia Holiday brings a charming mix of jazz, blues, and pop to Buttonwood in a show you will not want to miss. Saturday we have Lillie and John & Mark Wayne Pollard, two acts that so amazed us at open mic night, we had to have them back! Sunday winds down the weekend with something a little different: a reception for our currently featured artist Karen Stein, whose beautiful series "Imagine" currently adorns our studio. Expect refreshments and great music!

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Cynthia Holiday

June 12 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | $12 in advance, $15 at the door

Cynthia Holiday is a real crowd pleaser and her renditions of straight-ahead jazz, blues and pop standards are full of swing, improvisation and soul. Clearly, singing live before an audience is where she feels most comfortable.

Kevin Mahogany says, “I met Cynthia many years ago when I used to frequent various jam sessions in Harlem clubs. I was struck by her ability to quickly command the stage. Cynthia has fantastic stage presence and it’s time for her music to be heard.”

Cynthia says “I love the up-and-close feeling of performing in small, intimate venues like SMOKE or Showmans Jazz Club in NYC. I also enjoy the thrill of performing for an audience of 10,000 + people at outdoor events like the Harlem Jazz & Blues Festival or Hartford Jazz Festival.” Following her performance, the Hartford Courier’s music review said of Cynthia “She may have been unfamiliar to the audience, but Holiday quickly won over the crowd with her blues-soaked swing and charming banter.”

Since the 2008 release of her debut album, All The Way, on the Miles High Records Label, Cynthia Holiday has made new fans and friends in the US and internationally. Most recently she served as a judge in the 2013 Asian Dreams Jazz Vocal Competition followed by a performance with the TS Monk Septet in Osaka, Japan.

Cynthia’s gifted vocals and natural inclination for jazz is attributed to her upbringing in Newark, New Jersey where music filled her home on any given day. Her stepfather, trumpeter Calvin Hughes was a band leader and performed with such jazz greats as Count Basie, Frank Foster, Clark Terry, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, and Big Maybelle.

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Lillie and John & Mark Wayne Pollard | Discovered at Open Mic!

June 13 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm | $10


Monday Nights at TBT are always intriguing. We never know who will show up to share their talents. From Kate Callahan to Noah Baerman and his niece, to young folks fresh to the music scene, here on an internship for six months, it’s always a good time. We heard some sweet songs, great tunes and solid musicianship recently and thought we’d show you a sample of our “Anything Goes” Open Mic.
Come to see versatile and dynamic singer/songwriter/musician Mark Wayne Pollard from Connecticut and folk/country/soul duo Lillie and John from the mountains of North Carolina for a night of great music, ranging from originals, rock, folk, and blues.

Lillie and John are a folk, country, soul duo from the mountains of North Carolina. Partners in music and in life, they carry the sound of the high country wherever they go. With a collection of traditional folk tunes, originals, and favorites of artists ranging from the Grateful Dead to Johnny Cash, these two up-and-coming song-birds’ soulful harmonies are sure to inspire.

Rooted in Connecticut, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Mark Wayne Pollard sings many kinds of music including his own original songs, folk rock, rock ‘n roll, ballads, standards, and the blues.  He has played gigs extensively throughout New England as a solo performer or as a member of a band since the 1970s.  His playing styles range from finger picking to strumming and flat picking. 

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“Imagine” Artist’s Reception for Karen Stein

June 14 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Come and enjoy Karen Stein’s work. Drawing from a well of lifetime experiences, Stein relays her memories, feelings, and observations through the powerful medium of painting. Artist’s reception will be Sunday, June 14th, from 5-7pm. Refreshments will be served. Expect great music!
Artist’s Statement:
I have been creating things all my life; five years ago, I turned to painting. I had just undergone a major life change, moving from my rural home in northeast CT, where I had lived for 23 years, back to my hometown of Washington, DC, to live with my dad. He had had a stroke, and, as his only child, I became his full-time caretaker for the next three years, till he passed away.
In the big move from the spacious woods of Pomfret, where I had lived and made my art and my family, to the small apartment in Dad’s high-rise condo in a highly congested metro area, I let go of much, and I gained much.

In Pomfret I made my art and my living as a chef, gardener, musician, and writer. When I back to my home town and my little room I had to give up all that- no time or space. I don’t really remember when or why I started painting (it was a busy and stressful time), but somehow, within the first year of living with Dad, I’d gotten my bedroom stuffed with painting supplies, and there I was, painting away while being able to care for my father.

So, I paint suns and moons. Trees. Dragonflies. The occasional water feature. I love being a human, being an artist, being able to sit at a table with a jumble of paints and brushes and surfaces to paint on. From nothing but my mind and a few art supplies, I can go to the sun, I can visit the man in the moon, I can make a tree or a dragonfly or a river. I find beauty in the mystery of all that we don’t know- what are we? how do we manage in this infinite time and space we are in?- and in my painting I try to express my joy in being a small part of this infinite array. And it is my hope that you, the viewer, are uplifted and made happy when you look at my paintings.
May peace prevail on earth.


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