Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This Weekend at The Buttonwood

It's another wonderful weekend at The Buttonwood Tree! Friday we have a very special show with The Hollands!, a traveling family of Americana Folk musicians who delight in entertaining audiences of all ages. Then, on Saturday, come to see the Red Hots; a sizzling quartet of performers who bring back old favorites with a modern twist. These are two shows guaranteed to entertain and excite! Don't miss them!

605 Main Street
Middletown, CT 06457

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The Hollands!

June 26 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
$10 General Admission | $5 Children Under 16 | $8 Students with ID

Likened to The Carter Family, The Hollands! are seasoned concert performers, engaging audiences and rousing a sing along with their intimate merrymaking, delicate harmonies and mesmerizing rhythms. They are a 21st century nomadic family based in the US via Australia and frolic in the Americana, folk revival scene.

Jana Holland, originally a Michigander, has traveled between 3 continents, with an interest in songs of old and desire for the laymen to experience community through song. Her willingness to give any instrument “a go” has lead to offerings on the Mandolin, Banjo and Guitar. Jana’s deep minor tones and angelic voice extend solace to all who listen. She sets the mood and embraces your mind with her poetic yet ground level lyrics.

Delicate and natural harmonies are added by daughter and gifted vocalist, Graciana Holland. This little darling is stunning and immediately evokes a desire to hear more. She is also accomplished on the Ukelele and Guitar.

Craig, a native of Australia, began his music career playing punk rock, including a 7 year stint in Ballydowse, a Chicago-based Celtic Punk band recorded by famed indie producer, Steve Albini. Craig offers a hypnotic and unique sound to The Hollands! When Craig is playing the Taylor acoustic, the rhythms are almost Celtic by nature.

Named after the infamous Australia bush Poet, Banjo Patterson, the youngest Holland, “Banjo” is a force to reckoned with on the Cajon’ and other percussion instruments. His inventive beats compliment Craig’s mesmerizing rhythms.

By the end of their performance, audiences will feel like they are part of the band. This is the experience and magic that happens when The Hollands! come to town.

The Hollands! are members of the International Folk Alliance, Concerts in Your Home- USA, Australia and Europe.

The Red Hots 

June 27 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm  | $10

Red Hots GroupFun

The Red Hots band began in October of 2012 in Danbury, CT — the brainchild and collaborative effort of Petra Herceg and Cynthia Preston, two beautiful and talented ladies who grew up playing music and had both performed professionally in the past. The band began re-imagining and re-doing classic, timeless pieces of music that were beginning to be lost to the ages, particularly old blues, jazz, ragtime and rockabilly.

Mixing the retro-stylized covers in with their own eclectic sound, The Red Hots began gigging at local places around town, experimenting with their sound and musical elements. After dabbling with various instruments and line-ups, the band has solidified their image as a tight-knit quartet, expanding their live performances all the way to NYC festivals and private parties at the Jersey shore, as well as becoming a well-known act in their hometown.

Their adaptability has become their coup de grace, able to play anything from low key acoustic shows in wine bars and lounges, to swingin’ and jivin’ upbeat sets in bars and rock venues.

The line-up includes Petra Herceg on ukulele and vocals, Cynthia Preston on guitar and vocals and Russ Preston on blues harp and guitar. In October 2014, the ladies performed a small set at the local weekly Danbury open mic where (Latin) percussionist Dave Bonan is the house drummer. They instantly clicked, asked him to rehearse and after a smooth run-through and a few gigs, Dave was asked to join the band. When logistics allow, the group plays with several distinguished area musicians either on upright bass, saxophone and piano.

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