Friday, April 25, 2014

MCA Grants Awards for Categories 2 and 3 (March applicants)

In March of this year, the Middletown Commission on the Arts received requests from 12 applicants totaling $48,580.00 for projects that have a total cost of $173,930.00. The MCA had available $9,000.00 to satisfy the requests. The Commission wishes the organizations and individuals success in their projects.

The MCA has awarded grants to the following organizations/individuals for:

• Lee T McQuillan
$1,250.00 for a multi-disciplinary event featuring music, visual arts and dance and including the premiere of "A Suite of Birds"

• Middlesex Community College
$1,000.00 for a performance and discussion of Neely Bruce's composed and orchestrated "Bill of Rights"

• Middletown Public Schools Cultural Council
$2,250.00 for "Middletown High Goes to the Symphony"

• Marc Pettersen
$250.00 for expansion of the Gallery Walk to include street vendors along the sidewalks in the North End

• Oddfellows Playhouse
$500.00 for Fall project

• Trinbago American Cultural Explorers
$500.00 for a Caribbean cultural festival highlighting Trinidad and Tobago

• Wesleyan University-WESU radio 88.1fm
$1,000.00 for a 75th anniversary concert featuring Fred Parris and The Five Satins

• Connecticut Ballet
$2,250 for the 4th annual Summer Dance Caravan performance at MxCC

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