Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Streeto Asks BOE for Cooperation With Donated Sick Time

Common Council member James Streeto spoke during the public session of the Board of Education meeting Tuesday evening and asked BOE members to help facilitate the donation of sick time hours by union members to a newly employed school cafeteria worker.

The union, Local 466 has asked the school district to allow members to donate their own sick time hours to the new employee, but so far the school administration has resisted, causing a controversy with the union and additional tension between the city and the school administration.

"The rhetoric on this topic needs to be dialed down," Streeto said.  "As it needs to be dialed down on a number of issues in this city."

Streeto urged the board to appoint a representative to work with the city's Personnel Review Committee to find a compromise.

"It's been the subject of too much heat and not enough light," Streeto said. "And it's about helping someone who truly needs help, and I suspect that's the reason we all got into politics in the first place."

Later in the meeting BOE chairman Ted Raczka suggested that the issue was in the hands of the PRC, and he was optimistic about a positive outcome.


Anonymous said...

We need more people like Streeto in government!

Laura Wilson said...

This is typical of Middletown. We push issues from one board to another, letting nothing get done. Out of sight out of mind. In the mean time, a person who we could easily help by allowing people who are MORE than willing to donate their sick time, suffers. Its a sorry sorry sight!