Thursday, March 11, 2010

Redistricting: Updated Map and Street List

A revised version of the map and street list for the proposed elementary school redistricting plan is up on the school district website.

The previous version had some duplication of street names and did not list streets that currently have no children.

A direct link to the map is here: map link

A direct link to the street list is here: street list.

Note that the street list is the second page of a document called "Demographic Breakdown By School." The first page is a spreadsheet of the new percentages of minority and free/reduced lunch kids at the schools. Use the tabs at the top of this spreadsheet to move between the two pages. Hope that's not too confusing!

Thanks to Izzi Greenberg for this tip!


Anonymous said...

The map has Hotchkiss, Goodyear, and Hubbard going to Farm Hill, but the street list has them going to Snow.

Jen Alexander said...

Thanks - I'll pass that to central office - they are supposed to be at Farm Hill.

Steve Gaarder said...

I don't think the ad hoc committee got nearly enough recognition for the hard work and commitment that went into developing the plan they presented to the Board of Education on Tuesday night. I attended only the ad hoc committee's last meeting on Monday night. I know there were many more before that final meeting, but I was impressed with every members ability to grapple with difficult issues and their patience and commitment to keep working until they came to a reasonable decision. Some have disagreed with the ultimate outcome, but I think that overall, it is a good plan given the parameters they worked within. I for one want to applaud their commitment to this community, their ability to work thru vexing issues, and their overall generosity of time and spirit. Thank you. Now let's hope that the BOE can implement the plan swiftly and with as little pain and disruption as possible, especially for the roughly 400 children who will be forced to change schools. Let's also hope that the BOE gets the resources to those schools whose demographic changes require additional resources, swiftly and expeditiously.