Monday, June 28, 2021

Targeted Exercise Videos Online


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 AARP provides many beneficial programs. One of them is a huge selection of exercise videos on youtube, including yoga-based routines, for whatever ails you. Sometimes the right exercise will remind you that you don't really need hip or knee surgery--that's a huge plus!

Targeted Exercise Routines from AARP

   The youtube videos are available even if you're not a member of AARP--you'll need to check. But for AARP members, with Silver Sneakers coverage these exercise offerings can't be beat. You can log in to Silver Sneakers, find a video that might help, and work out whenever you like.

 The fact that the exercises are targeted means that if you're having knee problems--or leg or ankle or back problems, there's a video for you. Sometimes you'll need to read articles online to find out which part of the body is actually causing trouble and that can be challenging because, as we know, they're all connected! But it's well worth the effort to avoid pain, worry, a doctor's visit, or maybe even surgery.

  So if you're finding it hard to walk up the stairs or get up from your favorite arm chair, or if you're dealing with muscular or joint pain, chances are you can find an exercise to help. You'll be amazed how quickly you can recover with exercise, in the privacy of your own home.

 Silver Sneakers online also has ongoing classes--extended workouts you can use for strengthening and toning.  Give it a try!

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