Thursday, September 22, 2011

Iguanas Ranas is Open and Awesome

I ate at the new Iguanas Ranas last night, and it was so great. It's in the space at 484 Main Street where Nikita's used to be, but it feels totally different.

There were a bunch of people eating there (not pictured since they're behind me) and a bunch of people in line.  The kitchen is wide open and fun to watch.  The food is, as always, amazing.  Check it out.


Ridge Road Resident said...

Thanks for this post. I was wondering how the new Iguanas Ranas would look. They sure could use the room and I look forward to stopping in.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Iguanas Ranas adopt the use of OLIVE OIL in its cooking.

If they did, I would be likely to eat there frequently. Their food is delicious and well priced. But for me, olive oil is essential to a flavorful meal.

lechowiczfam said...

The space is great and the food was delicious! Definitely check it out.