Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thunderous Exhilaration

While some EYE writers were watching Indiana Jones outdoors on a giant inflatable screen, a few other EYE writers were just across the quad watching the WesTaiko Japanese Drumming concert at the World Music Hall. This hall is one of the smaller venues in the Center For the Arts complex, and as such, the event, with its popularity and limited seating, was a sellout. We were turned away, but were determined to see the “thunderous and exhilarating” show (as described in Wesleyan's website). We didn't go far, just around to the side of the building where we perched on a wall with a bunch of other onlookers, and got a glimpse through the plate glass. This perspective visually turned out to be rather interesting as we got a good side view of the drummers' arms pumping up and down like machinery. We couldn't get anyone inside to acknowledge our pleas to raise the horizontal slat blinds up, and the sound was muted compared to inside the theater, but it was still plenty visible and audible, even thunderous as promised. The show was quite an impressive spectacle, and the student performers appeared to be having a lot of fun while executing some serious rhythms. One piece had the drummers seated on the floor in front of the drums in a rowing-like position, seemingly demonstrating one possible way to achieve six-pack abs (the second video below). The weather was very pleasant so it was actually nice to enjoy the show from outside, but next year I will be sure to get my tickets in advance. I am always awed by the vast quantity and quality of talent and entertainment that Wesleyan brings to Middletown and makes available to the public at reasonable prices. Find something you like on the CFA Website.

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Elizabeth Bobrick said...

It *is* hard to remember how much is going on at Wesleyan, even when you get the weekly events listing. I hope that all EYE readers know that they are more than welcome to these events, and that there will be plenty of adult company. To find out what's happening on any given week, just go to the Wes website ( and on the homepage you'll see a list of events, which you can click on for more info.