Thursday, November 23, 2017

Readers Theater presents Sam Shepard Play Monday, November 27th at Russell Library

Ages of the Moon will be presented Monday,
November 27th at Russell Library.

Readers Theater presents Ages of the Moon by Sam Shepard on Monday, November 27th at Russell Library's Hubbard Room. 

Join us for refreshments at 6:30pm before Ages of the Moon by Sam Shepard begins at 7:00pm. Since the library will close at 6:00pm, the Court Street entrance to the Hubbard Room at the back of the library will be open.

The play revolves around old friends, Byron and Ames, re-united by mutual desperation. Over whiskey on a hot summer’s night, they sit, reflect and bicker until fifty years of love, friendship and rivalry are put to the test at the barrel of a gun. 

'Longtime fans of Mr. Shepard should definitely see this play. It is a poignant and honest continuation of themes that have always been present in the work of one of this country’s most important dramatists, here reconsidered in the light and shadow of time passed.' -- NYTimes Review, 2010.
Readers Theater is live drama acted by local actors, directed by Anne Cassady and Richard Kamins.
This series is sponsored by The Middletown Commission on the Arts and the Friends of the Russell Library 


Jennifer said...

Is this a reading or a performance? Is there a charge to attend? It looks really cool.

Anonymous said...

These are readings and they are wonderful; all events at the Russell Library are free to attend.